R&DE group photo for 2018 John Etchemendy Cardinal Walk
R&DE's commitment to wellness!

13th Annual John Etchemendy Cardinal Walk

R&DE Superheroes answered the BeWell call and showed up in droves at Stanford Stadium for the 13th Annual John Etchemendy Cardinal Walk on Thursday, May 10.

Some ironed their capes and picked up their codpieces from the cleaners while others showed their R&DE spirit by rocking their purple Commitment to Wellness T-shirts.

Everyone enjoyed the costume contest, a dance-off courtesy of BeWell’s hip hop dance instructor extraordinaire, Chris Rodriquez, and a one-mile journey around our scenic campus.

A surprise appearance was made by none other than Be Well and Cardinal Walk founder, John Etchemendy who took to the stage and morphed from Clark Kent to Superman in a surprise reveal!

“Hats off to all of the Cardinal Walk superheroes from R&DE that joined me yesterday to celebrate our core values by displaying our team spirit, collaboration, and wellness,” said Shirley Everett, Senior Associate Vice Provost for R&DE.


R&DE Super heroes

Team Spirit!

Wonder Woman has nothing on the ladies of R&DE! 

Dancing and warming up for the walk

Rocking the Crowd!

Dance-off led by BeWell’s hip hop dance instructor, Chris Rodriquez.