Interim Grad Housing - Pre-Autumn - How to Apply

Gerhard Caspr Quad, Stanford students in a lobby, Interior of Ng Residence Hall


This housing is for matriculated Stanford graduate students needing short-term housing before the beginning of the autumn quarter – for those arriving before their on-campus housing is available and for those needing a place to stay while searching for off-campus housing. Please be prepared to show your Stanford ID upon check-in.

Housing Options  -  2018 Application is closed

Interim  Grad Housing - Pre-Autumn 2018 is typically located in an undergraduate residence hall with single-gender shared group restrooms on each floor.  These are rooms in a residence hall – they are not apartments.

  • A single-occupancy room for one person wishing to be alone in a room is $59.65 per night.
  • A bed in a shared room for one student wishing to be placed with another student of the same gender in a shared room is $47.00 per night. 
  • Both sides of a double-occupancy room for one student wishing to reserve a room for two people sharing a room (with two single beds) is $89.70 per night.

Steps for Applying

  1. Read the Liability Waiver . Print, sign, scan and save as a PDF for uploading to the application.
  2. Apply online. Please complete all sections of the application.
  3. On the housing application, you will indicate your preferred and second choice of housing types.  There is also an "Additional Information" section where you can give additional information that could be helpful in processing your application. 
  4. After you have submitted the housing application, you will receive a confirmation that the application has been submitted.  This is NOT a confirmation of reservation.
  5. You will either receive an email confirming a reservation or will be notified that the housing you requested was unavailable.  We will not be able to confirm your reservation until we have verified that you are a matriculated Stanford graduate student.
  6. If you later need to cancel your application or reservation, please send an email to The cancellation date will be recorded as the date that the email was sent.

If you have questions, please call 650-725-4739 (Monday through Friday between 8 A.M. and 5 P.M.) or send e-mail to