Meet Our Staff

The Stanford Conferences team: (left to right) Anthony Aguilar, Carol Leynse, Tanya Walker, Chong Johnson, Suzanne Bennett, Philip Gin, Carolyn Tomlin, Natalia Guillen, Joline McQuillan, Suzette Escobar

Our experienced team of certified meeting professionals, conference managers, meeting space associates and AV specialists strive to ensure every aspect of your event is exceptional. We work with you from start to finish - concept to cleanup – for your complete satisfaction. Take advantage of our talented, dedicated team for your next conference and event.

General Contact Information

Stanford Conferences
215 Panama Street
Juniper Module, Building D
Stanford, CA 94305
Telephone: (650) 723-3126
Fax: (650) 723-7020

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Staff Directory

Phillip M. Gin

Executive Director

(650) 723-3127

Suzanne Rose Bennett

Associate Director, Stanford Conferences & Account Management

(650) 725-2518

Carolyn Tomlin

Assistant Director for Summer Conferences and Operations Management

(650) 736-6010

Anthony Aguilar

Meeting Space and Projects Associate

(650) 725-7778

Suzette Escobar

Meeting Planner 

(650) 725-9432

Denise Gonzalez Conference Account Coordinator

(650) 725-1425

Karina Guerrero Cobian

Minors Programs & Sales Associate (650) 498-4888

Natalia Guillen

Senior Conference Account Manager and Sales Strategist

(650) 724-0504

Chong Johnson

Senior Conference Account Manager and Minors Specialist

(650) 725-1426

Charles Keegan

Conference Account Manager

(650) 725-5411

Lisa Keeslar

Executive Assistant (650) 498-8131

Brigid Neff

Meeting Planning Manager

(650) 736-0048

Meredith Noe

Meeting Planner (650) 497-9382

Sandhya Patel

Financial Analyst (650) 724-1141
Marché Simon Conference Account Coordinator

(650) 721-4377

Tanya Walker

Conference Coordinator Associate

(650) 725-2753