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Escondido Village, Kennedy Graduate Residence and Munger Graduate Residence


  1.  Review the Non-student/Guest Summer Housing Types

  2. Review the eligibility requirements below and prepare all the necessary documents: review, print, sign and save as PDFs the NSSH Eligibility Documents. Upload all three documents into the application form when you apply.

  3. On the application form, select your check-in and check-out dates. Book only on available dates, and upload all required documents to avoid delay.

  4. Wait for the university to approve your summer housing eligibility and to assign your specific housing. Please be patient as this may extend depending on the volume of housing applications we receive.  

  5. Receive an email that will confirm your eligibility, your reservation, the cost of your booking and a link to pay within an allotted time indicated in the email confirmation.

  6. Once payment is received, you will be sent a confirmation of your booking, and check-in/check-out information. Be prepared to show a photo ID upon check-in.

  7. Reservation will be canceled if payment was not made within the allotted time.

Eligibility for Non-Student Summer Housing    

For non-student summer visitors ages 18 and older, Stanford Conferences offers private studio apartments, small apartments or private rooms located on campus within the student housing communities.   

Non-student summer campus visitors eligible for this housing include:

  • Individuals attending an un-housed conference or workshop
  • Individuals studying, working, or interning on campus for the summer
  • Individuals conducting research with Stanford faculty in an official capacity
  • Individuals doing medical clerkships at Stanford
  • Stanford faculty and staff needing temporary accommodations close to work

Non-student summer campus visitors NOT eligible for this housing include:

  • Matriculated Stanford students
  • Individuals with no current formal affiliation with the University
  • Individuals under the age of 18, unless applying for Family Housing (restrictions apply).  

If you have questions, please email

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