Non-Student Summer Housing - How to Apply

Proof of Stanford Affiliation

All individuals staying on campus must have an academic affiliation with Stanford. Proof of affiliation must be uploaded onto the application as part of the application process. The following are examples of proof of affiliation that will satisfy this requirement:

Visiting Scholars, post-docs, researchers, interns and others should save and upload a copy of their offer letter from Stanford or an e-mail from their professor or Stanford department verifying their affiliation. Alternately, you can have the professor complete a Verification of Stanford Affiliation Form on your behalf and send it to you to save and upload onto the housing application.

Conference participants attending an un-housed conference should save and upload a copy of their registration confirmation.

Parents of youth participants attending a Stanford summer camp program should save and upload a copy of their child’s registration confirmation that indicates the start and end dates of the program.

Visitors conducting business with Stanford are also eligible, including new staff/faculty needing a temporary location to stay.

If you fall into another category, please send an e-mail to to further discuss eligibility requirements.

Housing Options

Review the housing options and per-night prices in order to rank your choices of locations for which you are eligible. Please be sure that you meet the 21-night minimum stay requirements and occupancy limits for families. On the application, you will select all residences that you would accept and indicate a preferred housing choice.  Please note that there are no family apartments that can accommodate more than four people and that housing for the summer of 2016 will be very limited. 

Steps for Applying

  1. Read through the information on the web site regarding housing options and costs.
  2. Scan and save your proof of Stanford affiliation for uploading to the application.
  3. Read the Liability Waiver Form and the Housing Policies and Services for Non-Student Summer Visitors document, Print them, sign them, scan them, and save them for uploading to the application..
  4. Use the application link at the bottom of this page to complete the housing application. Please complete all sections of the application.
  5. On the housing application, you will indicate the locations you would find acceptable as well as your preferred housing type (if there is more than one option available).  There is also an Additional information section where you can give additional information that could be helpful in processing your application. 
  6. You may reserve daily parking permits or request rental linen packs through the application so that the items will be reserved and ready for you at check-in.
  7. After you have submitted the housing application, you will receive a confirmation that the application has been submitted.  This is NOT a confirmation of reservation.
  8. Due to the lack of available housing this summer, we will not be able to confirm any reservations until mid-May (with the exception of guests ages 16-18).  If we determine in May that we cannot accommodate your housing request, we can keep your information in case a room/apartment becomes available at a later date.
  9. If you later need to cancel your application or reservation, please send an email to the address listed below. The cancelation date will be recorded as the date that the email was sent.

If you have questions, please send e-mail to

Click here for online application