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The Stanford Flavor Lab is Residential & Dining Enterprises Stanford Dining’s new research and development kitchen. This is a place where we are working on new programs and testing equipment and menu items with manufacturers. In this space, we are also developing forward-thinking eating experiences and new, exciting menu items, which support our culinary, nutrition and sustainable food ethos and values. It is also a professional collaborative space for sharing ideas and trends.

The vision:

  • Taste, integrate and explore food biodiversity
  • Create delicious food experiences
  • Explore and design forward thinking strategies around the edible potential of food
  • Expand our knowledge of techniques and process which focus on building flavor
  • Learn more about the food we eat and how it is connected to our place and time
  • Develop practical ideas and methods for making food that is enjoyable
  • Broaden our understanding of taste and flavor
  • Explore our edible surrounding communities
  • Enhance our ability to partner with thought leaders
  • Communicate broadly our discoveries