Gluten-Free Dining

Gluten-Free Dining

R&DE Stanford Dining prides itself on offering a wide range of dining options to accommodate a variety of dietary needs and preferences including those eating gluten free. We've proudly partnered with FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) and AllerTrain (Menu Trinfo) to improve the college experience for students with food allergies through enhanced awareness, accommodations and training. Our Nutritionists review all ingredients, recipes and menus for allergens, train R&DE staff on food allergy accommodations and provide nutrition counseling and education for students to help with managing their dietary needs on campus. At the point of service, students can view the labels of each menu item to better understand the ingredients.

Gluten-Free menu items on the serving line are indicated with a blue “GF”icon. Dining staff members are trained on food allergies and other special dietary needs intolerances and allergies but there is a risk for cross-contact at our self-serve areas. To reduce the risk of cross-contact please request a Fresh Plate. Let the dining staff know what you would like to eat and they will assemble your meal using new gloves and clean serving utensils, with food from the kitchen that has not come into contact with potential allergens on the serving line.

Purple Pantries

To help supplement the food options available to those with food allergies, we provide access to controlled pantries in each dining hall offering a variety of packaged products including dairy alternatives, gluten free breads condiments, a toaster, and allergy-friendly baked goods. Students who have registered with the Food Allergies @Stanford program can request a key from the Stanford Dining nutritionist (

Food Allergy / Intolerance Disclaimer

Please inform your server if you have food allergy and direct ingredient questions to a manager. While we take many precautions to correctly identify ingredients and prevent cross-contact, we do not guarantee the absence of potential food allergies in our food or facilities. It is, therefore, ultimately the responsibility of the individual to judge whether or not to question ingredients or consume food items.

Students with food allergies and food intolerances are encouraged to contact the manager of their dining hall for additional information.