Graduate Meal Plans

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Graduate Student Meal Plans

Graduate students have two options for graduate meal plans during the 2020 Spring Quarter: 

Grad Meal Plan Blocks



BREAKFAST $5.75/MEAL $6.50/MEAL $7.75/MEAL
LUNCH $9.15/MEAL $9.70/MEAL $10.90/MEAL
DINNER $11.60/MEAL $12.15/MEAL $13.40/MEAL

Use them at your leisure; meal plan blocks don't expire!*

Meal plan blocks can be purchased online or in person at the meal plan office kiosk on the first floor of Arrillaga Family Dining Commons, 489 Arguello Way. 
*Meal card accounts that are inactive for 12 months or longer, from the last date of usage, will be forfeited and closed; meal blocks are non-transferable.

While active, these voluntary grad meal blocks are fully refundable. To request a refund of any remaining grad meal blocks, please reach out to

The Cardinal Classic (19 meals/week) Plan

2020 Spring Quarter
Academic Year
Meal Plan


83 days

Cardinal Classic:

  • 19 meals per week served only in the dining halls

Meal Plan Cost


Students begin each week of their meal plan on Sundays. Unused meals expire at the end of each week. This meal plan is billed on a quarterly basis and the cost is determined by the number of days in the service period. Please email to request this meal plan. 

Graduate students are invited to dine at any open dining hall. Both options are available for use seven days per week. Please note that all meals during 2020 Spring Quarter will be pre-packaged and for to-go only. 


For questions about graduate meal plans, please reach out to