Halal Options

Halal Options

Halal Meat

There is a halal meat menu option every day in the dining halls. All of the chicken and beef, including the hamburger patties, served in the dining halls is certified halal. There is always grilled halal chicken available from the grill.


R&DE Stanford Dining supports fasting Muslim students' observation of the traditional pre-dawn meal: waking up just before dawn to eat a nutrient-rich breakfast (known in Arabic as suhoor) via the Suhoor Boxed Meal program. Students can enjoy a selection of nutritious foods including specialty cheeses and whole wheat rolls along with traditional Islamic delicacies like dates and pistachios, picked up the previous night from your dining hall. To request a Suhoor box during Ramadan, please contact your dining hall manager.

R&DE Stanford Dining also extends hours of operation at Arrillaga Family Dining Commons to close an hour after sunset, to best accommodate students breaking fast with iftar. R&DE Stanford Dining also features traditional Middle-Eastern inspired entrees with halal meats during Ramadan. R&DE Stanford Dining also offers the Eid al Fitr dinner, a feast of breaking the fast.