Neighborhood Dining

Neighborhood Dining

There are great new meal options for students - seven days a week in every neighborhood!

Stanford strongly believes in community building over meals and the new neighborhood meal program allows students the ease and flexibility to have important connections and discussions over meals regardless of where they are living. It is clear in hearing from students that conversations which occur over meals form the center of communities and neighborhoods. Students break bread together, engage in intellectual and lively discussions over meals with each other, faculty, and members of the Stanford community. This is an essential part of the Stanford ResX neighborhood experience.

Meal plans for 2021-2022 are aligned with the core principles of ResX to advance diversity, equity and inclusion; to promote opportunities for community and belonging; and to support student health and well-being. The enhanced flexibility of the new Row and Suites meal plans provides better access to meals and addresses concerns of food insecurity for some students, especially during academic breaks and weekends.


The neighborhood meal program:

  • allows students the flexibility to eat in locations across the campus, while also developing friendships within their neighborhood and enjoying opportunities to sustain the unique interpersonal connections which will occur in each neighborhood.
  • equalizes the meal plan cost across Row houses, Suites, and dining halls
  • provides high-quality, sustainable and nutritious cuisine, across all neighborhoods, to meet a wide variety of dietary needs for a diverse student community.
  • offers special dining programs for students with nut sensitivities in Stern (Neighborhood A) and Ricker (Neighborhood D) and a kosher dining program in Flo Mo (Neighborhood O)

Row, Co-op and Suites Dining

  • Students in these residences will pay the same meal plan cost as those living in an RF residence (dining hall). This is a substantial reduction in meal plan cost for the Row and Suites.
  • Students living in a Row house, Suites or co-op will be able to use up to five meal swipes per week and five guest meals per quarter in a dining hall. You’ll be able to eat with friends across the neighborhoods.