Nutrition @ Stanford

R&DE Stanford Dining is committed to providing a wide variety of healthy options at every meal. We promote fresh and nutritious meal selections and use healthy cooking methods including steaming and grilling wherever possible. R&DE Stanford Dining has a Performance & Wellness Nutritionist, who is involved in all menu planning and evaluation. Available for personal consultations, she can be reached by emailing or by booking an appointment online. Learn more about our Performance & Wellness Nutritionist.

Nutrition Consultation Fees:

  • Food Allergies, Special Dietary Needs & Dining Accommodations (any student, staff or guest on a Stanford Dining meal plan) - NO FEE - Book Now 
  • Undergraduate Student on a Stanford Dining Meal Plan (10, 14 or 19 meals) – NO FEE – Book Now
  • Undergraduate/Graduate Student with an Apartment Meal Plan or Meal Block – $35 – Book Now
  • Stanford Affiliate (Faculty, Staff, Spouse or Graduate) - $55 – Book Now
  • Guest Consultation (Conferees, Visitors) - $85 – Book Now

Nutrition Ethos
Learn more about our food standards and nutrition philosophy.

The following is a sample of our menu specifications and standards:

  • All of our dairy products are certified hormone-free.
  • We avoid potentially harmful additives such as MSG, artificial dyes and trans-fats in our foods.
  • We partner with local farms to offer fresh, high quality fruit and vegetables.
  • Most of our soups, sauces and dressings are made "from scratch" every day.
  • We use whole grains in our composed rice, pasta and salad dishes. Brown rice and whole-grain pasta are available at every meal.
  • The kosher salt used in our cooking contains 33% less sodium by volume.
  • We offer fresh steamed and roasted vegetables at lunch and dinner.
  • Soy milk is always available as a milk alternative for those who do not consume dairy.
  • We label all food items for easy identification.

Build a Balanced Plate
In Spring of 2016 Stanford Dining launched the Build a Balanced Plate initiative. The Balanced Plate provides a guide to what a well-rounded, nutritionally dense meal might look like. It helps diners choose foods that best support their health and wellbeing.