Teaching Gardens

R&DE Stanford Dining believes that growing your own food is one of the best ways to connect with it. They offer multiple opportunities for the Stanford community to get their hands dirty and learn more about their food.

working in the teaching gardensR&DE Stanford Dining Teaching Gardens

With 12 organic Teaching Gardens across campus, a greenhouse in Arrillaga Family Dining Commons, and hydroponic towers in Florence Moore Dining, Stanford Dining educates students. They provide lessons on the seasonality of food, botany of fruits and vegetables, and agroecological methods of sustainable food production. Food grown in these gardens gets incorporated into the dining hall menus and Tasting Tables.

Get involved with the Teaching Gardens: The garden educator offers two garden work days each week. Contact us at bewellgardens@stanford.edu to learn more.

BeWell Community Gardens

The Sustainable Food Program manages Stanford’s two BeWell Community Gardens, which are open to the Stanford community for personal use. For more information on the gardens, visit community-gardens.stanford.edu.

Be a part of our community gardens and sign up for a garden plot.

Garden Workshops

Want to learn gardening basics? We offer gardening workshops at the BeWell Community Gardens throughout the year. 

Look for garden work days on the BeWell Berry website or through the Sustainable Food Program newsletter.


Seed LibrarySeed Library & Seed-of-the-Month Club

Once you’ve got your garden set up, join our Seed Library or Seed-of-the-Month Club to receive exciting varieties of seeds and instructions on how to plant it. The Seed Library distributes free seeds to the Stanford community each month for at-home planting or for in the gardens.

Seeds can be found in the lobby of Arrillaga Family Dining Commons and Alumni Cafe. For those that can’t get to those locations, we interoffice mail seeds to your office for a small annual fee as part of the Seed-of-the-Month Club.

The Seed Library is managed in collaboration with the O’Donohue Family Stanford Educational Farm and grew out of a student class project for the Farm!

Sign up for the Seed Library email list or the Seed-of-the-Month Club.