R&DE Stanford Dining Testimonials

At Stanford Dining, we pride ourselves on providing a delicious, healthy and sustainable food program for our students and the greater Stanford community. This culinary excellence is rooted in our talented collection of executive chefs, fueling innovation and inspiration throughout our neighborhoods.

Hear from our culinary team about why they are so committed to creating an innovative food program to fuel students for today and the future.




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Find me in Sequoia (S) & Hyperion (T)

“Our students have a wide variety of dietary wants and needs. There is no better feeling than being able to provide a meal that fits those after a long day of studies. I truly find joy in seeing their reactions to the food we provide.”

- Chef Mychel Brewster

Find me in Aspen (A)

“It’s easy to put your food down and just start eating, but it should be an experience: really taste the different flavors and sit with the thoughts and emotions that come from that meal. Being intentional about your eating will only carry over to other aspects of life and elevate that, too.”

- Chef Anthony Gutierrez

Find me in Ginkgo (N)

“I can’t think of anything people love more than food. It's such a powerful bonding experience to eat together and share ideas, experiences, and even differences. Food unifies!”

- Chef Tami Lin

Find me in Wisteria (F)

“We definitely try to hit all the marks: local, seasonal, diverse. Our food is very inclusive, because comfort food is different all around the world, and we try to focus on what will make a student feel happy when they come to the dining hall.”

- Chef Junelle Fronda

Find me in Olive (O)

“We hold Stanford Dining to the highest standard of excellence. By having access to fellow chefs with so many different backgrounds, I draw on their skills and expertise to elevate my own meals to create unique culinary experiences.”

- Chef Daniel Donguines

Find me in Redwood (R)

“My personal mantra is to have fun, be mindful and work really hard. I like to think that it comes out through the food I prepare, taking delicious, sustainable ingredients and being intentional about every step of the process to create a meal.”

- Chef Terry Braggs

Find me in Magnolia (D)

“I love traditional fare, but I also love an element of surprise in a dish as well. If you’re not surprised, laughing, and smiling during and after your meal, then I didn’t do my job.”

- Chef Lee Alan Levig

Find me in EVGR Dining & Athletic Dining

“When I can provide food that reminds a student of home or evokes a special memory, that just reinforces the reason I do what I do. If I can provide that memory through food — that reprieve from stress and schoolwork — to even one student, it makes all the work of that day worth it.”

- Chef Joe Guinto

Find me in All Neighborhoods

“I lead a talented team of chefs who create great culinary experiences in all of the neighborhoods. This is where students build community and learn about the impact of food on their health and the environment.”

- Chef Christina Betondo
Associate Director of Culinary Excellence

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