Women's Leadership Development Program


“One of the highest callings of a great leader is to coach, mentor and develop others.”

Dr. Shirley J. Everett
Senior Associate Vice Provost
Residential & Dining Enterprises



The Residential & Dining Enterprises (R&DE) Women’s Leadership Development Program (WLDP) at Stanford University is dedicated to advancing women leaders through personal and professional development. WLDP was inspired by and modeled after the Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF), an organization that provides competency development programming especially for women leaders in the foodservice industry.

While the WLDP is focused on the success of women, programming is open to anyone at Stanford interested in personal and professional development.

Our Purpose
To encourage leaders through personal and professional development.

Our Mission
To provide regular access to leadership development focused on women leaders in order to enhance opportunities, engagement, and job satisfaction through personal and professional growth.

Women’s Leadership Development Program Council

The R&DE Women’s Leadership Development Program is run by the R&DE Women’s Leadership Development Program Council. 

Role of the Council

  • To utilize a council of diverse members to focus on needs, content and communication of the program, its purpose, and goals.
  • To provide a calendar of webinars, classes, and resources available to all members of the management teams.
  • To act as a steering committee for the program.
  • To become ambassadors for the program, its goals, and its ability to impact the individuals, organization, and overall effectiveness.
  • To provide open, honest, direct perspectives and points of view on needs and development that will support the success of women in R&DE.
  • To review data as it relates to turnover, recruiting, engagement, and job satisfaction to help with focus and development of programs.
  • To help establish development goals, content, calendar, and metrics for the program.

We accomplish our mission through a variety of leadership development events:



  • ​WLDP Leadership Speaker Series
  • ​WLDP Leadership Development Workshop
  • ​WLDP Community Events


  • ​WLDP Leadership Scholarship for WFF Leadership Conference
  • ​WLDP Council and scholarship recipients attend WFF Leadership Conference
  • WFF Leadership Conference Panel Discussion for R&DE Community
  • Annual WLDP Open House
  • Women's Leadership Summit (bi-annually)


Competency Development Programs

The R&DE Women’s Leadership Development Program (WLDP) is based on the Core Competency Development Model as established by the Women’s Foodservice Forum (WFF).

This research-based competency model serves as a guide for individuals to identify and define development goals, “beginning with an end in mind.”

About the Core Competency Development Model

There are three main components of the Core Competency Development Model: Self, People, and Business. These overarching categories encompass 12 core competencies that differentiate among individuals at the emerging leader, emerging executive, executive, and c-suite stages of their career.

Women's Leadership Development Program Core Competency Development Model

Developing Self
This component focuses on individual development through assessment, gap analysis, career map, and personal brand identification.

Developing People
Shifting the lens to focus on teams, this component emphasizes communication strategies to build high-performing teams, coaching and mentoring techniques, and skills on understanding the importance of crucial conversations.

Developing Business
Identify focused objectives around financial acumen, strategic thinking, and driving for results. 

Women's Leadership Development Program Council

Amanda Gotthold, Co-chair of WLDP
Amanda Gotthold, Co-Chair
Debbie Main, Co-Chair Rosa Barbosa Suzanne Bennett Jackie Bertoldo Mary Duch
Michelle Radisich MariI Saucedo Hamsa Samaraie      


Contact Us
For more information about the Women’s Leadership Development Program at Stanford University, please e-mail rde_womenscouncil@lists.stanford.edu
For more information on the Women’s Foodservice Forum, please visit womensfoodserviceforum.com/