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Resources for Farmers

The Black Farmers' Purchasing Toolkit

The Black Farmers' Purchasing Toolkit can help open avenues to success in the world of wholesale farming. Our mission is to help you break down barriers to access suppliers and consumers and reshape industry standards. The toolkit can assist with opening the door to new opportunities to securing a brighter future for generations of Black farmers to come.

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What's Included

  • Step-by-step guidance on securing a Food Safety Certification 
  • Comprehensive instructions for conducting soil and water tests, along with third-party audits 
  • Assistance in creating vital and consistent standard operating procedures 
  • Practical tips for developing a harvest schedule and farm map 
  • Insights on acquiring essential equipment 
  • Expert advice on accessing available funding to support your farming endeavors 
  • A comprehensive frequently asked questions section for quick and easy reference 
  • An industry-specific glossary to navigate the foodservice landscape 
  • Inspiring narratives from Black farmers across the nation sharing their personal stories, challenges, and triumphs.  


Embark on this journey with us

Together we’ll shape a future where Black farmers thrive to create an enduring legacy of agricultural excellence.

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About the Equitable Harvest and Black Farmers Initiative 

Historically, Black farmers have endured systemic discrimination challenges and limited resource access since post-Civil War days. The Equitable Harvest and Black Farmers Initiative is a collaborative effort between Stanford University and Farms to Grow, Inc., dedicated to rectifying historical injustices faced by Black farmers to ensure a brighter future for agriculture. This initiative is committed to establishing a comprehensive program that provides crucial support and raises public awareness about the significance of diverse food sourcing.

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