Deadline to submit a 2022-23 Autumn Single Undergraduate Housing Application


April 18, 2022


  • Housing

Deadline at 5:00 pm to submit a 2022-23 Autumn Single Undergraduate Student housing application. 

  • While the application is due on April 18, you may continue to edit your application to change your group makeup until 8 a.m. PT on May 16.
  • On May 19 you will be emailed your gate time, which is the date and time you can select your house and room for next year. If you are part of a group, every member of the group will have the same gate time. Gate times are randomly assigned within each class year. Rising seniors will receive the best gate times, then rising juniors, then rising sophomores. If you are in a group with a mix of class years, your gate time will be assigned based on the lowest class year. For example, a group of two juniors and a sophomore will receive a sophomore gate time.*
  • House and Room Selection will run from May 23-27, with gate times running from 8 a.m. - 8 p.m. PT daily. House and room selection will close at 5 p.m. PT on May 27.

*Students who have specific housing needs due to a disability or documented medical condition, as well as any members of their group, will not participate in the self-select process and will not be assigned gate times. Instead, they will be assigned in advance of the House and Room Selection process. This is to ensure that the student with the medical need is placed in housing that meets their needs. Students with medical needs must file a Housing Accommodation Request Form with the Office of Accessible Education by April 11.