Ready-to-Eat Meals


Daily Rice Bowls
Teriyaki Chicken, Sticky Rice, Broccoli and Shiitake $6.99
Teriyaki Salmon, Sticky Rice and Broccoli with Shiitake $6.99
Fried Tofu with Spicy Sauce and Bok Choy $6.99


Daily Noodle Bowls and Soups
Pho Broth and meal tray $7.59
Laksa Broth and meal tray $7.59
Daily Soup $3.49


Ready-to-Eat Meals

Tuesday - Thursday
Grilled Chicken with Pasta and Mushroom Cream Sauce  $7.59
Friday - Sunday
Pulled Pork, Corn Rice, Pinto Beans and Tortillas  $7.59




Entrees and Sides

Monday – Sunday  
Vegetable Lasagna $4.49
Brown Lentil Stew $2.89


Tuesday – Thursday  
Szechuan Eggplant $3.49
Generals Chicken $4.49
Vegetarian Fried Rice $3.49


Wednesday – Friday  
Steamed Jasmine Rice $3.49
Thai Curry Chicken $4.49
Vegetable Ramen $3.49


Thursday – Sunday  
Mac n’ Cheese $2.89
Baked Beans $2.89
BBQ Ribs $5.49
Beef Brisket Chili $2.89