Exciting Changes at Tresidder

pictures of yummy barbecue, salads and gelato

If you haven’t been to Tresidder Union lately, now’s the time. Located in the heart of campus amidst shops, fast-casual restaurants and markets, Tresidder Union is the place to see and be seen—and of course, satiate your appetite.

Among the exciting changes at Tresidder are Decadence featuring Alberto Gelato. When it opened, Alberto Giovanni, the Italian gourmand behind this delicious new gelato, flew from Italy to oversee Decadence’s grand opening. That first week he gave away 2,000 samples. Ever since, Stanford’s newest sweet spot has been a hit.

Scooped from two freezers glossed bright Ferrari red and Lamborghini green, Alberto Gelato is churned before your eyes. It’s so tasty more than one student has stoppy by to eat their desert before dinner. Who can blame them? Gelato, ice cream's Italian cousin, is churned at a much slower rate, incorporating less air and leaving the gelato denser than ice cream. With its silky texture, gelato also has a lower percentage of fat than ice cream which allows its flavors to really shine through.

Decadence offers 16 flavors including fruit and non-dairy options. Try Decadence gelato nestled in a croissant, freshly baked cookies or brownies. Go big with an array of sauces and toppings including Kettle corn, mocha, caramel pearls, pralines, and more.

Across the country, barbecue has never been more popular.  Now you can satisfy your craving for home cooked ‘Cue without so much as firing up the grill. BBQ 101 is the latest eatery to join the Tressider line up. Customers can choose from chicken, beef, pork or tofu. The proteins feature seasonal rubs, are smoked to perfection and arrive dripping in one of three sauces: sweet Texas BBQ, smoky Kansas City BBQ or tart vinegar-based North Carolina BBQ.  Combos come with coleslaw, cornbread and other traditional sides.

In other news, campus favorite Heirlooms—you know you love their signature southwest chicken salad—has moved locations and refreshed its interior. Heirlooms still offers made-to-order salads with farm fresh ingredients—locally sourced whenever possible—and a choice of homemade dressings. The eatery has expanded its menu to include grain bowls and new toppings. Visit Heirlooms to get your power veggies and plant-based proteins without sacrificing taste. Soon to come…paninis.

R&DE Stanford Hospitality & Auxiliaries constantly strives to bring the best to the Stanford community so be on the lookout for more changes to come, including pop ups and other delicious foodie faves.