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Foundations of Supervision


Residential & Dining Enterprises’ (R&DE) exciting professional development program, Foundations of Supervision, will be offered to all R&DE managers and supervisors. Foundations of Supervision tools and techniques promise to unleash your excellence, while ensuring R&DE managers and supervisors are the “BEST IN THE BUSINESS.”



Your secret ability to manage your team and harness their talents effectively


Your organization into one that will guide the university now and in the future


Your hidden potential while increasing your own personal power

Gain practical and relevant management knowledge, skills and best practices that will help navigate through 21st century organizations effectively. Strengthen core management competencies in the areas of:

  • Technical skills
    Proactive planning, goal-setting and business acumen
  • Cognitive skills
    Critical thinking, decision-making and problem solving
  • Interpersonal skills
    Emotional intelligence, communication and teamwork
  • Intrapersonal skills
    Creativity, innovation, and leadership

R&DE’s Foundations of Supervision program was designed across Three Pillars of Excellence:

Learning Module I
People and Team Excellence - Module I
  • Attract, hire, retain and develop world-class talent
  • Create and sustain a work climate of civility with respected, motivated employees
  • Enhance employee engagement
Learning Module II
Organization & Performance Excellence - Module II
  • Develop a culture of performance that is integrated into business operations
  • Align and integrate divisional goals with strategic goals through innovation
  • Create business strategies with clear objectives and initiatives
Learning Module III
DEIB Practices and Employee Experience - Module III
  • Understand how DEIB practices support positive employee experience
  • Understand common DEIB terminology and related manager behaviors
  • Learn tips and strategies to create and sustain workplace DEIB
  • Understand why workplace trust and psychological safety are DEIB cornerstones


Each module consists of a number of learning sessions categorized by topic, and defined by key learning objectives linked to R&DE Management Competencies, and support R&DE’s mission, vision and core values.

Learning modules will follow the University quarter system and should be taken in sequence (I-III). Each 60-minute session will be customized to accommodate a wide range of learning styles and management experiences.

Watch for Foundations of Supervision Program Redesign, 2.0​.



For more information:

Dr. Emma Gordon
Senior Director
R&DE Talent & Organizational Development
T: (650)725-4511    |   C: (650)798-9470    |  F: (650)725-8325