Talent Development

R&DE at Stanford University recognizes that people are our most important resource. Talent & Organization Development is committed to creating personal and career growth programs that strategically advance R&DE’s Mission, Vision and Core Values and create workplace environments where employees are empowered and inspired to be their best.

As a part of the R&DE HR Team, we promote lifelong learning resources and opportunities for employees, including strategies for onboarding, performance management, career growth, mentorship, manager and leadership development, 1/1 coaching and culture change initiatives.

Additionally, the team assesses and develops curricula and strategies aimed at building the capabilities of employees, managers, and leadership across the organization. This includes the development of education, training, interventions, and programs to advance R&DE’s culture change initiatives around team performance, diversity, equity and inclusion, civility and wellness, compliance and harassment prevention, and misconduct. We do this by collaborating with each of you as well as our campus partners. Our goal is to assess, design and measure customized talent development programs ground in validated research and practices.

R&DE Talent Development offers a unique and resourceful space in Confluence. On this platform, employees will find information about the Human Resources Organization Chart, the R&DE Directory, R&DE and Stanford Policies and other Guides and References (e.g. IT references). Additionally, employees are able to read and download reading materials, journal articles, some of which are handouts from R&DE training workshops.

Examples of materials employees can have access to include:

  • New Employee On-boarding Program
  • Performance Management
  • Unconscious Bias
  • Intercultural Awareness & Valuing Diversity
  • Soft Skills Training
  • Foundations of Supervision
  • Manager Toolkits

Access Confluence

Talent & Organization Development Client Resource Matrix (tentative)

Area of Responsibility

Contact Name

Contact Information


Emma Gordon


New Employee Onboarding/
Employee Experience Ecosystem

Emma Gordon


Professional Development
Soft Skills
Civility at Work
Managing within the Law
Harassment Prevention
Restorative Practice
PCI and Cash Management
Real Colors

Simone Ferber


Management Development
Foundations of Supervision
Performance Feedback Communication
Soft Skills
Assessment Tools
Management Retreat Facilitation

Emma Gordon


Career Development
Coaching & Mentoring
Organization Assessment Rightsizing
Champions of Change
Community of Practices

Emma Gordon


Stepping Stones to Success Program

Christine Gabali


Staff Training Assistance Program (STAP) At-a-Glance

STAP provides reimbursement for tuition, registration fees and required textbooks for any training activity directly related to your job or a career development effort.

Eligibility & Coverage

Training activities should relate to your career development goals and assist you in qualifying for a new position or advancing within your current role at Stanford. All training activities must be approve by your supervisor.

Who is Eligible?

Regular or fixed-term employees working 50 percent time or greater, including:

✓ Non-academic staff
✓ Academic staff
✓ Bargaining Unit staff

Who is NOT Eligible?

Faculty, students, temporary employees, retirees, and other non-staff University affiliates are not eligible for STAP assistance.

Maximum Yearly Benefit

STAP funds are available for use by eligible staff beginning September 1 through August 31 following the fiscal period. Benefits amounts:

  • $800 yearly for regular staff
  • $700 yearly for employees who are cover by the SEIU Collective Bargaining Agreement

For additional STAP benefit information, please visit Cardinal at Work