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R&DE DEIB Our Values. Our People. Our Differences




Our people are our greatest asset.
We are governed by our core values and strengthened by our differences.

Dr. Shirley J. Everett, Senior Associate Vice Provost, R&DE
Senior Adviser to the Provost on Equity and Inclusion






R&DE Core Values



SSTS was launched in 2003 by Dr. Shirley J. Everett, Senior Associate Vice Provost for R&DE & Senior Adviser to the Provost on Equity and Inclusion. “Lifelong learning is an important part of R&DE culture. One of the ways we show our staff how important they are to our organization is by investing in their professional and personal development,” said Everett. R&DE's Stepping Stones to Success program (SSTS) is a concierge workplace education program. It is open to all Stanford University staff including Stanford Health Care, DAPER, Lucile Packard Children's Hospital, School of Medicine, SLAC and LBRE employees.

Created by Dr. Shirley J. Everett, Senior Associate Vice Provost for R&DE & Senior Adviser to the Provost on Equity and Inclusion, The Residential & Dining Enterprises (R&DE) Women’s Leadership Development Program (WLDP) at Stanford University is dedicated to advancing women leaders through personal and professional development.


Educational Programs and Programming Resources

An R&DE Resources Catalog has been created to foster Safe and Brave Space sessions. The catalog is organized by key themes and includes valuable resources such as articles and videos. Please utilize these resources to encourage and cultivate open and honest conversation among staff.


History, Racism
and Activism

This theme focuses on social movements in our nation’s history. It gives an understanding of how marginalized communities have continuously had to fight for equal rights.


This theme deals with the role racism plays in police violence and killings. It brings light to the trends we experience today and similar patterns present
over the last 100 years.

Lifestyle /

This segment brings awareness to African American lifestyle, travel, and entertainment. The symbolism and rituals that define African American culture, from the arts to lifestyle,
are presented.

Systemic & Institutional

This theme shows how systematic racism leads to such issues as discrimination in criminal justice, employment, housing, and education, among other issues.


This section shows actions, behaviors, and practices for individuals to support, amplify, and advocate with those who do not belong to the same “identity” groups as themselves to lead toward justice, equity, truth, and
ethical treatment.


The appendix provides additional information and FAQ’s.






R&DE HR Safe and Brave Space: “Race, Racism & Whiteness” and Key Definitions

Our Initiatives

R&DE continues to establish activities that create a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable workplace. Several initiatives are underway that maximize diversity, benefiting every aspect of the organization.


Representation matters. It’s that simple. In R&DE, while our people are much more than numbers, we understand the importance of sharing our diversity data publicly. Transparency is critical to enforcing accountability in the fight to advance racial and gender equity with the urgency it deserves.


Meet Our People

Going beyond the data: Sharing our employees' stories



DEIB Presentations from R&DE Events


The dialogue around diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging is broad and growing. This introduces the need for common vocabulary to avoid misunderstandings and misinterpretations. Words often have different meanings; depending on lived experiences words might hold different meanings for different people. The purpose of this glossary is to promote dialogue around equity and inclusion. 


Additional R&DE DEIB Information and Resources



Stanford University IDEAL Information and Resources