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EatWell @ Stanford

At the core of all Stanford Dining, Hospitality & Auxiliaries' programs and initiatives is Eat Well @ Stanford. This ethos embodies a flexible, holistic approach to eating that prioritizes high-quality, nutritious cuisine to meet the diverse dietary needs of the Stanford community.

With a commitment to inclusivity, community engagement, and the promotion of lifelong eating practices that support health and well-being, Eat Well @ Stanford is woven into every aspect of our culinary offerings and operations.

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One Plate, One Planet

R&DE’s One Plate, One Planet is an award-winning program that transforms the food system through sustainable practices, partnerships, and innovative strategies across six pillars, aiming for a sustainable and equitable future.

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Our expert team of nutritionists collaborates with the culinary team to create delicious, nutritious, and sustainable menus, catering to diverse dietary needs.

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Allergies & Dietary Needs

Our Food Allergies @ Stanford program offers comprehensive support and accommodations for students with dietary needs, collaborating with the Office of Accessible Education and FARE to provide awareness, training, and personalized dining strategies.

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Food Choice Architecture

By employing food choice architecture, we promote a healthier and more sustainable campus food environment, making nutritious and sustainable choices easier and more desirable while maintaining diverse food options.

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Education & Research

Stanford provides diverse opportunities for research and education through innovative, award-winning programs, including the R&DE Teaching Kitchen, Flavor Lab, internships, and participation in the Menus of Change University Research Collaborative.

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Health & Safety

SDHA Health & Safety comprises four critical programs that help support the university's academic mission by providing the highest food and workplace safety standards at all dining locations.

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