Stanford Catering

Catering Request Form 2021

Please note Stanford Catering will respond to all inquiries within 72 hours. At this time, we are unable to provide catering services without at least seven days notice.

To reduce the spread of the novel coronavirus, Stanford's Environmental Health & Safety department (EH&S) requires completing the Events & Gatherings Form for groups of 500 or more as the first step to organizing an event or gathering. This process will allow the EH&S Safety Team to review plans, provide guidance, and approval for the event or gathering. Stanford Catering requires proof of approval from EH&S prior to providing any catering or services.

*Additional 18% administrative fee and 9% Food and Beverage Tax Applied to Credit Card payments*
Approved PTA for this Event (PTA will not be charged without written consent)
*Additional 9% Food and Beverage Tax Applied to Cost Center payments*
*For events 75 & under $1550 minimum applies