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"Our focus on research and innovation has transformed the Stanford Dining program and we are committed to continuing this journey. It is exciting to think about the new discoveries that lie ahead. We look forward to incorporating them into our work and sharing what we’ve learned with the Stanford community and beyond. The Stanford Food Institute includes collaborators from many disciplines – students, faculty and staff along with producers, chefs and a new generation of entrepreneurs. I am grateful for their contributions; they bring a depth and reach to our work beyond what we can achieve individually. Together, we are shaping the future of food for the benefit of all humanity."

Shirley J. Everett, EdD, MBA

Senior Associate Vice Provost, Residential & Dining Enterprises
Founder, Stanford Food Institute
Stanford University


Stanford Food Institute

The Stanford Food Institute was created by Stanford Residential & Dining Enterprises (R&DE) to advance research, education, policy, business, and practice to promote a holistic approach to improving what people eat, how people access food, and the role that food plays in our lives. SFI is a collaborative platform to inspire and share ideas and investigate solutions for a better food future by uniting a community of students, faculty, staff, producers, chefs, and entrepreneurs from many disciplines, all with a common passion for delicious, healthy, and sustainable food. Together with our growing stakeholder ecosystem, we can accelerate innovative, evidence-based pathways to the systems-level changes needed to secure a nourishing, equitable, climate-smart food future for every generation to come.

Chef Terry Braggs, Students holding food at event, Chef Tanya Holland and staff

The Stanford Food Institute works collaboratively across the university to support food EDUCATION, RESEARCH and FLAVOR & INNOVATION.



Inspiring change begins with providing students, faculty and staff the knowledge and tools required to promote well-being and support sustainable eating habits.  



Results from cross-disciplinary partnerships between students, faculty, and external contributors inform solutions for a healthier, more sustainable food future. 



Award-winning chefs and nutritionists prioritize ethos and values while developing new, exciting menu items, forward-thinking eating experiences, and groundbreaking culinary programs.




Our Team - R&DE Stanford Dining, Hospitality & Auxiliaries Culinary Excellence

Meet the culinary leaders and innovators that contribute to the Stanford Food Institute.


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