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The Stanford Food Institute hosts dynamic events that bring together experts, researchers, and practitioners to explore food challenges and solutions. These interdisciplinary gatherings cover various topics, including sustainable agriculture, food security and nutrition. 

From thought-provoking lectures to hands-on workshops, attendees engage in critical discussions and innovative research. Whether you're a student, researcher, or industry professional, these events offer unique opportunities to shape a healthier and sustainable food future. 
Join us and connect with like-minded individuals passionate about food innovation.


Past Events


Our Recent Editions

March 2023

Stanford Food Institute Food Systems Research Symposium: Call for Proposals

February 2023

California Soul Event Highlights History of Modern Soul Food

January 2023

Addressing Climate Change One Bite at a Time

December 2022

Rhythms of the Land Film Screening

November 2022

Chef Tanya Holland Joins SFI as Senior Advisor

October 2022

SFI Research Projects Underway

September 2022

Welcome Back to Campus!

June 2022

Thank You to Our SFI Interns!

May 2022

From Temple Cuisine to Campus Dining and Home Cooking: Korean Temple Food

April 2022

Stanford Food Institute: Our Next Chapter

November 2021

Thriving Oceans

October 2021

The Intersection of Healthy & Sustainable Food Choices

September 2021

One Plate, One Planet - A Q&A with Sophie Egan, Senior Advisor for Sustainable Food Systems, R&DE Stanford Dining

August 2021

R&DE Stanford Dining Makes Commitment to Further Reduce Food Waste