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The Stanford Food Institute partners with leading organizations across academia, industry, nonprofits, and government agencies to address global food challenges.

These collaborations bring together experts and scholars to share knowledge and conduct interdisciplinary research. Industry partnerships drive the implementation of sustainable practices, while nonprofit and government collaborations address food security and equitable access. 
By fostering these diverse partnerships, the Institute drives innovation and research for a sustainable and equitable food future.



Drawdown Labs 

In addition to co-founding and jointly leading the MCURC, Stanford Dining's history of sustainability-inspired partnerships and collaborations spans its membership in the Google Food Lab, Bay Area Sustainable Sourcing Group, and World Resources Institute's Better Buying Lab. Building on this history, Stanford Dining is the first university to join Drawdown Labs, a consortium of private sector partners working to scale climate solutions.


R&DE Stanford Dining is a member of REGEN 1, a consortium of food system leaders in Northern California supporting farmers who are employing regenerative agriculture principles that improve air, water, and soil quality, enhance biodiversity, and prioritize greater inclusion and equity for all. We look forward to channeling these purchases to especially farmers of color, in alignment with our Black farmers initiative.

Menus of Change University Research Collaborative

R&DE co-founded and co-leads the MCURC, a collaboration of forward-thinking scholars, food service leaders, executive chefs, and administrators for colleges and universities who are accelerating efforts to move people toward healthier, more sustainable, and delicious foods using evidence-based research, education, and innovation.