Undergraduate Housing Residence Chart

This chart is designed to give students applying for housing more information about the residence options available on the housing application. It lists the number of students to be assigned to each residence choice option available in the Autumn Housing Allocation. Students must rank both of the housing choices on their application. 

 Although we make every effort to verify the accuracy of the chart at time of publication, last minute changes in the number of house staff or the designation of Frosh or Transfer spaces may not be reflected. 

Students will be assigned to specific unit by the housing front desk prior to move-in.


Upperclass Spaces Available in the Autumn Housing Allocation
Residences Number of Single Rooms Number of Spaces in 2-Room Doubles Number of Spaces in 4-Person Suites Number of Spaces in 6-Person Suites Number of Spaces in 2-Bedroom Apartments Number of Spaces in 3-Bedroom Apartments
Escondido Village Graduate Residences, 2BR unit 0 0 0 0 710 0
Mirrielees, 2 BR apartment 0 0 0 0 242 0
Mirrielees, 3 BR apartment 0 0 0 0 0 18