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The Spring Housing Allocation for Groups


When students apply for the Spring Housing Allocation, they have the option of forming a group with up to seven of their friends in order to be assigned to the same residence for the spring term.


Students indicate their desire to be a part of a group on their applications. The first group member to submit an application should select “I am creating a new group” and establish a username and password. Usernames and passwords must be 5-8 alphanumeric characters long and must contain at least 1 letter and 1 number. The first person to apply is considered the group leader and will have the responsibility of ensuring that all group members are aware of the ranking of the residence choices on the application. Group members applying after the group leader will select “I am joining an existing group” and enter the username and password as established by the group leader.

Residence Choices

Only the group leader will list residence choices on the application and they will be required to rank all options. As we will only be assigning to room types within complexes, there will be far fewer choices to rank than usual.

Our priority for this process will be to keep groups together. In order to do this, the residence choices of all group members must be in the same order. That is why only the group leader will rank the residence choices. As other students apply and join the group, they will not see or rank choices because their residence choices will be set to match that of the group leader. Because of this, it is very important that group members know and agree to the residence choices the group leader is submitting.

Group Tips

Students are encouraged to:

  • Consider carefully who you will have in your group, as social distancing guidelines may prevent you from visiting friends in other residences.

  • Come to a consensus on the ranking order of the residence choices and make sure that everyone agrees to any edits of the residence choices made by the group leader.

  • Verify that each person in your group applies by the deadline and receives a confirmation email after submitting the housing application.

Changing groups or deciding not to be part of a group

Students can change their applications up until the Spring Housing Allocation deadline. This means students can delete group information, change residence choices (the group leader or anyone leaving a group to apply alone), and/or create or join a new group up until the deadline.

Medical Accommodations

If you apply with a student who has applied for assignment through the Medical Accommodation Assignments process (in coordination with the Office of Accessible Education), you will need to be assigned through the Medical Accommodation Assignments process and will not be assigned through the main Spring Housing Allocation. See the Medical Accommodation section for more information. IMPORTANT - you will need to submit a housing application by 5 p.m. PST on the main application deadline. For the Spring Housing Allocation, all group members need to submit applications by Tuesday, February 16 and the person requesting the medical accommodation also needs to submit the Housing Accommodation Request Form by 5 p.m. PST on this date.