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Applying for Housing with a Group


When students apply for housing during the first round of assignments for a given quarter, they have the option of forming a group with up to seven of their friends in order to try to be assigned to the same residence. Students can also form groups for the second round of assignments for autumn. However, there are no group applications during the Rolling Assignments round.

Groups can be a mix of genders and class year cohorts. However, priority for housing is by class year cohort (seniors pick first, then juniors, then sophomores) and groups with a mix of class year cohorts will select their houses and rooms with the lowest cohort. For example, a group of juniors and sophomores would select with the sophomore cohort.

Although no new undergrad 2022-23 housing applications will be accepted between April 19 and May 16, you will be able to edit the group information on your housing application until 8 a.m. on May 16, 2022.


Students indicate their desire to be a part of a group on their applications. The first group member to submit an application should select “I am creating a new group” and establish a username and password. Usernames and passwords must be 5-8 alphanumeric characters long and must contain at least one letter and one number. Group members applying after the group leader will select “I am joining an existing group” and enter the username and password as established by the group leader. For winter and spring group applications, the first person to apply is the "group leader" and although each group member can rank their own residence choices, they have the option of using the "copy group leader's choices" button to synch their choices. 

Residence Choices

Autumn House and Room Selection and Second Round in July

  • Only students requesting medical accommodations list residence choices
  • Students not requesting medical accommodations do not list residence choices, as they will use the self-select system to choose their housing. Exceptions to this are the Greek Houses and the coops that select rooms by consensus

All Winter and Spring Assignment Rounds and Rolling Assignments for Autumn

  • All students list residence choices

On applications where students list their ranked residence choices, they are required to rank all non-theme residence options in their neighborhood. The University Theme Houses will also be available as choices on the application, but students are not required to list these options. Although each group member can rank their own residence choices, they have the option of using the "copy group leader's choices" button to synch their choices. 

Gender Inclusive Room Assignments

For autumn quarter House and Room Selection, students wishing to share a room with a friend of a different gender can select rooms designated as gender inclusive, which means that students of any gender (female, non-binary/fluid, or male) can live in the room. 

Group Tips

Students are encouraged to:

  • Verify that each person in your group applies by the deadline and receives a confirmation email after submitting the housing application.

  • Inform your group members if you are are requesting a medical accommodation for housing, as the housing assignment for the entire group will be based on the medical needs and ranked choices of the student in the group seeking a medical accommodation. Students' assignments will be commensurate with their class year, and while groups will be assigned to the same house, they may be assigned to different room types. For example, the student with a medical need may be assigned to a single while other members of their group are assigned to doubles. All group members will need to apply by the first autumn application deadline.

  • Consider the implications of applying in a mixed-cohort group. If students in the group are in different class cohorts, the group will be given a House and Room Selection gate time or  application number in line with the student(s) in the lowest class cohort. For example, if a rising sophomore and a rising junior apply together, they would be given a sophomore gate time or number.

  • Consider the implications of applying as part of a large group. Larger groups are harder to accommodate in any given residence or room type within a residence. Larger groups will be more likely to need to select a lower ranked housing choice, as there are a limited number of spaces available in each residence and room type, and these are further divided by gender. This will be especially true for rising sophomores. View the residence charts to see how many spaces are available in each residence and room type.

  • Communicate as a group about which residences you wish to consider, what room types you prefer, which students will share rooms, and other considerations unique to the group. This can help in decision-making during the House and Room selection process as you see in real time which houses and rooms are available and which are not.

Changing groups or deciding not to be part of a group

Students can change their applications up until the application deadline, and for 2022-23 will be able to edit the group portion of their applications until 8 a.m. on May 16, 2022. 

Medical Accommodations

If you apply with a student who has applied for assignment through the Medical Accommodation Assignments process (in coordination with the Office of Accessible Education), you will be assigned to a house and room through the Medical Accommodation Assignments process and will not be assigned through the main Housing and Room Selection process. See the Medical Accommodation section for more information. IMPORTANT - if applying for an autumn 2022-23 undergraduate housing medical accommodation, you will need to submit a housing application by April 18, 2022. All group members need to submit applications by April 18 and the person requesting the medical accommodation also needs to submit the Housing Accommodation Request Form to the Office of Accessible Education by 5 p.m. PST on April 11. Students assigned through this process will not be able to seek reassignment during the house and room reassignment process in July.