Cardinal Comfort

Tell us how you're feeling! Students should feel safe and comfortable in their on-campus living environment, which is why through the Cardinal Comfort Initiative, students can comment how they’re feeling about the ambient temperature at any point in time, and R&DE’s staff will address all concerns promptly. The initiative also aims to educate students on how to properly adjust their thermostats and troubleshoot problems themselves, saving them time and reducing the need for maintenance requests.

How to Use Your Thermostat

Every building’s heating and cooling system is unique, so refer to this page on how to adjust the temperature in your specific residence: How to Adjust your Heat | Stanford R&DE

Utilizing the Bay’s Moderate Climate

With its year-round temperate weather and low humidity, the Bay Area enjoys one of the country’s most moderate climates, which is why only a very small percentage of Bay Area households have air conditioning.

Because air conditioning would drain regional energy sources, conflict with Stanford’s commitment to sustainability, and raise costs for students, Stanford doesn’t offer air conditioning throughout the residences.

Keep Warm & Stay Cool

Depending on weather conditions, R&DE Student Housing turns the heating system on for residences in late October and off in April or May. To conserve energy and to keep the buildings from overheating, the heating systems are shut off during the heating months when the outside air temperature exceeds ~65°F. During the coldest months of winter, the heat system runs until temperatures reach ~70°F outdoors. If you have children and need heat before the heating systems are turned on, please contact your R&DE Student Housing Service Center. Here are some quick, easy tips to warm or cool your apartment:

  • Open or close your blinds and windows to control exposure to natural sunlight.
  • To increase air circulation, use a desktop or floor fan. If you want to hold heat inside the room, use a humidifier or a shallow pan of water near warm air vents.
  • Turning off electronic devices and appliances keeps the room from overheating. But leave the oven open after cooking to naturally warm the kitchen.

Do You Live in Munger?

Your unit has a smart thermostat! It’s called the Ecobee Smart Thermostat, and it’s wi-fi enabled to automatically adjust the temperature in your unit on demand. Toggle between heat, cool, and off by clicking the fire/ice symbol. Adjust the temperature by swiping up or down on the side bar. The thermostat will hold this temperature until 8:00am or 8:00pm (whichever comes first).

Questions? Feedback? Need assistance with your thermostat? Fill out this Help Form and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.


Did you know?

The more times you fill out the Cardinal Comfort survey, the better we can ensure you’re not too hot, not too cold, just just right! Fill it out every week, and help us give you the Goldilocks treatment you deserve here at Stanford.