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Coterminal Student Housing Policy


Coterminal students are required to live in undergraduate housing for their four years of guaranteed undergraduate housing regardless of their student status. Once these four years are fulfilled, students can apply in the annual spring Lottery for graduate housing, where they will be considered continuing students and will apply with a low priority. Coterms are not guaranteed housing like first-year graduate students.

Applying for Graduate Housing

If you have used your four years of guaranteed undergraduate housing, you should apply for graduate housing in the spring graduate Lottery. Information on applying as a graduate student can be found at Apply for Housing.

To increase your chances of being assigned:

  • Apply by the First-round Lottery deadline in Spring Quarter.

  • To improve your chances of being assigned to your desired housing, rank ALL apartment locations in the order you would like to be assigned until you have no further preferences.

  • Pay close attention to the Final Choice on your application which indicates whether or not  you are willing to live in any residence for which you are eligible.

  • If you select "assign me to any residence for which I am eligible," you could be assigned to any housing option except the Munger Graduate Residence, the GSB Residences, Off-campus, Subsidized Housing or the premium studios for single graduate students. You must specifically list these options on your application to be considered. The system will assign you to a residence that is left over at the end of the process.

  • If you select "assign me only to the residences I have listed" you will not be assigned if we cannot assign you one of your preferences. 

  • If you aren’t assigned in the first round, apply for the subsequent assignment rounds on Axess when you view your results. The Second-round Autumn Assignments are processed in July and the Rolling Assignments are processed from August - October.