Couples without Children Housing

Graduate and undergraduate students who are married or in a domestic partnership with a partner who will co-occupy an apartment with them at least 50% of each week are eligible to live in Couples without Children housing. At Stanford, a domestic partnership is defined as an established, long-term partnership between two people with an exclusive mutual commitment in which the partners share the necessities of life and ongoing responsibility for their mutual welfare.

View the Graduate Housing Application Brochure for a general overview of the 2020-21 application process.

All housing applications should be submitted through Axess. Select the Housing and Dining portal under the Student menu.

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New This Year

Important updates and changes for this year

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Assignment Rounds

Housing assignments are made in several rounds throughout the year

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How to submit your application for housing through Axess

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Application Preferences

Stanford offers a variety of apartments on campus for couples without children

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Once You’re Assigned

What to do once you are assigned

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There are some limited opportunities for reassignments during the year