The Draw

The Draw is the process by which upperclass undergraduate students are assigned housing for the following academic year. Draw applications will be accepted in Axess beginning Friday, April 6, 2018 and the Draw deadline is Monday, May 7 at 6 p.m. PST. Draw results will be announced on Thursday, May 24.  See below for more information about the Draw 2018.

Draw Overview
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Greek Students
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Medical Accommodation Draw
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Gender-Neutral Housing   Greek Students and the Draw   Medical Accommodation Draw (in coordination with the OAE)

Your Results and What
Happens After the Draw

Your Results and What Happens After the Draw        

New For Draw 2018

  • The maximum number of students allowed in a Draw group will change from six to four.
  • Students requesting medical accommodations for housing or dining need to register with the Office of Accessible Education before they are able to see the Housing Accommodation Request Form.  Date to register is by April 2 and date to submit Housing Accommodation Request Form to the OAE and to apply for housing is by April 16.
  • Crothers will be an additional location for approved support animals of undergraduate students, along with the current locations of Mirrielees, Eucalipto, and Granada.
  • Trancos will enhance its Social Justice and Equity initiative in a partnership with the Bing Overseas Studies Program (BOSP) to introduce programming centered around social justice and equity topics and how they interact with the experience and expectations of living and studying abroad. Pre-assignments for autumn quarter will be offered relating to this initiative. Priority for available space in spring quarter will be given to students returning from studying overseas winter quarter and who lived in the house during autumn. Participation in the pre-assignment program may give students some advantage in applying to go overseas with BOSP.
  • The Gender Inclusive Housing program will expand to include FroSoCo two-room doubles for upperclass students and the Outdoor House 4-person suites.  In the Outdoor House, we cannot guarantee that all students requesting gender-inclusive room assignments will be able to live in a gender-inclusive suite.  Students assigned to the Outdoor House will be contacted by the Outdoor House staff with details about the process specific to this residence.
  • Meier and Norcliffe Halls will have a pilot program designed to attract sophomores to their four-class communities where sophomores, juniors, and seniors help foster a community of mentor-mentee relationships to support frosh and each other. Sophomores will have priority for approximately one third of the upperclass spaces (16 spaces in each house). This priority applies only to available one-room doubles and two-room doubles. 
  • Autumn move-in day for upperclass students is changing to Friday, September 21 and frosh move-in will be Thursday, September 20.
  • New housing option for winter and spring quarters - graduate 2- and 3-bedroom Escondido Village apartments for students ages 21 years and older, if there is not enough space to house the guaranteed students applying for winter quarter housing. Students ages 21 and older will also have priority for reassignment to these graduate apartments between autumn and winter quarters.
  • Renaming 717 Dolores to Pluto beginning in 2018-19.
  • Construction continues in the area bounded by Campus Drive, Serra Street, Schwab, and Lantana. Construction is expected to be completed during the summer of 2020.

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