The Draw Tier-Levels

Students who have guarantee years remaining are required to select a tier level on their Draw applications. Each tier level dictates a range of numbers from which the student’s random application number will be assigned.


Application Number







Students out of Guarantee Years


The lower the application number, the sooner the student is considered for housing. This means the student with application number 1 will be the first person considered for housing. Students who are out of guarantee years will not be asked to select a tier. They will automatically be assigned an application number between 3001 – 3500.

There are rules regarding when students can use their tiers:

  1. Rising Sophomores (students who will be sophomores next autumn quarter) can only use Tier 2 or Tier 3.

  2. All students must use Tier 3 at least once.

  3. All students can use Tier 1 only once.

The tier system allows students to choose during which year they have the best chance of receiving their first choice housing. Often times, students choose to save their Tier 1 for their senior year and they use their Tier 3 during a year in which they will spend a portion of the year abroad or on an away program.

If a student applies for the Draw as part of a group, every group member will be assigned the same application number. This means every group member must select the same tier. Because of the rules regarding tier usage, a rising sophomore who wishes to Draw with a rising junior would not be able to choose Tier 1 because sophomores can only choose Tier 2 or 3. Likewise, a rising senior who has never used Tier 1 would not be able to draw Tier 1 with a senior who has already used Tier 1 because you can only use Tier 1 once.  In this case, the seniors could choose to use a lower tier or not be in a group together.

Students who are a part of a housed Greek organization have special rules regarding their tier usage. Please visit our Greek page for more information.