Gender Inclusive Bathrooms

Gender-inclusive bathrooms are available in a number of undergraduate residence halls. 

Gender-inclusive, multi-use (communal) bathrooms have enhanced privacy features that include the following:

  • Special hinges on toilet and shower stall doors to fully enclose the space and ensure maximum privacy.
  • Toilet and shower stall doors that go to within a few inches of the ceiling and floor (a small gap remains at the top and bottom to allow for ventilation and drainage)
  • Separate showering and changing areas so that students may shower and then dress within their own privately enclosed area.
  • Urinals are not present in bathrooms with enhanced privacy features.

In general, any building with a gender-inclusive, multi-use restroom will also have at least one male-designated and one female-designated restroom.

Which Undergraduate Residence Halls Offer Gender-Inclusive Bathrooms?

Gender-inclusive bathrooms map

Residence halls that offer gender-inclusive bathrooms:

  • 1047 Campus Drive
  • 576 Alvarado
  • 680 Lomita
  • Branner Hall 
  • Columbae
  • Crothers Hall
  • Delta Delta Delta
  • EAST House
  • Florence Moore, all houses
  • FroSoCo 
  • Grove
  • Hammarskjold
  • Haus Mitteleuropa
  • Kairos
  • Kappa Alpha Theta
  • Kappa Sigma
  • Lagunita Hall, all houses except Meier and Norcliffe
  • ​La Maison Francaise
  • Lantana Hall
  • Mars
  • Murray House
  • Muwekma-Tah-Ruk
  • Narnia
  • Ng House
  • Phi Kappa Psi
  • Phi Sig
  • Pi Beta Phi
  • Pluto (formerly 717 Dolores)
  • Potter House
  • Roble Hall
  • Roth
  • Sigma Chi
  • Slavianskii Dom
  • Stern Hall, all houses
  • Terra
  • Theta Delta Chi
  • Toyon
  • Wilbur Hall, all houses
  • Yost House

SPECIAL NOTE ABOUT ROW HOUSES: Row houses are smaller, self governing communities and gender-inclusive, communal bathrooms may be present in any of these houses.