Leave of Absence

Going Away or Taking a Leave of Absence

Taking a Leave of Absence or Leaving Campus Mid-Contract

For 2020-21, undergraduates will apply for housing one academic quarter at a time. Juniors who will be on campus for spring quarter, for example, will submit a Spring Housing Allocation application and will be assigned just for the spring term. However, as students' circumstances change, they may need to leave campus mid-way through a housing contract.

All deadline dates for assignment rounds can be found on the R&DE calendar and details on assignment processes are on our website. Because of COVID-19, dates and processes are subject to change. Meeting the appropriate deadlines and following the advice in our emails, handouts, and web pages will maximize students' chances of receiving their desired residence assignment and help them to avoid penalty fees.

If a student decides to go on leave before their housing contract begins, they should cancel their housing assignment in Axess. There may be a fee associated with canceling a contract prior to the contract start date. The fee increases as the start date gets closer (if there is a fee, the range is $100 to $450) so it is best to cancel an assignment as early as possible.

SPECIAL NOTE FOR WINTER AND SPRING QUARTERS 2020-21: Students in undergraduate housing who cancel their housing assignments before check in will not be charged a cancelation fee. Students who have already moved in who file to terminate their contracts during winter or spring quarter will be released without a fee as long as they follow all of the steps outlined below.

If a student goes on leave any time after their housing contract begins, they must complete a Termination of Occupancy form to give notice that they are leaving housing, and move out within a week of their housing eligibility ending. There may be a fee associated with terminating occupancy. The termination fee schedule is available on the Termination of Occupancy form in Axess.  All belongings must be removed from the room/apartment by 8 a.m. on the move-out date, and keys must be returned to the Housing Service Center. If belongings are not removed or keys are not returned, the student is still in possession of the room and housing charges or unauthorized occupancy charges will apply.