Going Away or Taking a Leave of Absence

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Many students leave campus to attend a Stanford program such as the Stanford Bing Overseas Programs (BOSP), Stanford exchange programs, Stanford in Washington, Stanford in New York, or Hopkins Marine Station. Other students take a leave of absence from Stanford for one or more quarters. Even if they are not planning to be at the main campus for the full year, students can still apply for on-campus housing through the regular assignment process.

All deadline dates for assignment rounds can be found on the R&DE calendar and details on assignment processes are on our website. Meeting the appropriate deadlines and following the advice in our emails, handouts, and web pages will maximize students' chances of receiving their desired residence assignment and help them to avoid penalty fees.

Going Away

Going Away Autumn, or Autumn & Winter Quarters

  1. If a student is going away from campus for autumn quarter, or both autumn and winter quarters, they should apply for winter or spring quarter housing via Axess. The deadline to apply for winter quarter is in October. The deadline to apply for spring quarter is in February. Please see the R&DE Student Housing Calendar or the current year's Residence Agreement for specific deadlines.
  2. Students who apply by the winter or spring quarter first round application deadlines are able to select a tier level if they have guarantee years remaining. Selecting a tier provides a student with a first round number (1-3000) and increases their odds of receiving a more favorable housing assignment.
  3. If a student applies after the winter or spring first round application deadlines, they will receive a sequential number above 3500 based on the date they apply. Students who apply after the deadline are not guaranteed a housing assignment for that quarter, even if they have guarantee years remaining.
  4. After submitting an application, students may change their residence choices as many times as they would like up until the application deadline. 

Going Away Winter Quarter Only

If a student will be away from campus for winter quarter only and wants housing for both autumn and spring quarters, they should do the following:

  1. Apply for autumn quarter housing by the Autumn Draw deadline (usually in early May) in order to get an Autumn Draw number.
  2. Make sure they complete a Termination of Occupancy form in Axess under the R&DE Portal after taking occupancy for autumn quarter to give notice that they are leaving housing at the end of the term(The deadline to complete this form is the fifth Friday of the quarter. Filing a termination after the deadline results in a late fee of $100-$450 depending on the date it is received.)
  3. Join the First Round Spring Assignments in Axess by the deadline in early February (see the calendar for the exact date). Students can change their application choices up until the application deadline.  Undergraduate students will be able to use their Autumn Draw numbers for their First Round Spring applications.

NOTE: Students leaving campus for an academic term or taking a leave for the latter half of a term are not eligible to keep a room on the home campus. Students with university housing are required to live on campus at least 50% of each week.

Going Away Winter and Spring Quarters, or Spring Quarter Only

For students who will be away from campus for both winter and spring quarters or for spring quarter only, they should:

  1. Apply for autumn quarter housing by the Autumn Draw deadline in order to get a first-round draw number.
  2. Complete a Termination of Occupancy form after taking occupancy in autumn (if leaving for winter and spring), or winter (if leaving for spring only) to give notice that they are leaving housing at the end of the term. If students fail to file a Termination of Occupancy Form on time, the result is a $100-$450 late fee. See Calendar for dates and deadlines.


Taking A Leave of Absence Mid-Year

  • If a student decides to go on leave before their housing contract begins, they should cancel their housing assignment in Axess. There is a fee associated with canceling a contract prior to the contract start date. The fee increases as the start date gets closer (the range is $100 to $450) so it is best to cancel an assignment as early as possible.
  • If a student goes on leave any time after their housing contract begins, they must complete a Termination of Occupancy form to give notice that they are leaving housing, and move out within a week of their housing eligibility ending. There is a fee associated with terminating occupancy. The termination fee schedule is available on the Termination of Occupancy form in Axess.  All belongings must be removed from the room/apartment by 8 am on the move-out date, and keys must be returned to the housing front desk. If belongings are not removed ot keys are not returned, the student is still in possession of the room and housing charges or unauthorized occupancy charges will apply.