The In-House Draw App

The In-House Draw (IHD) tool displays real-time information about the spaces available in each residence. It is designed to make the room assignment process quicker and easier for you. Information on the In-house Draw, including the schedule, can be found on Residential Education's web site.

Image of app on phone and this text: by following along as you wait your turn, you should be able to easily identify your top choice from among the available options and quickly make your selection.

Using the IHD Tool 

The tool consists of two parts. One part will be used by Residential Education staff, according to the established process for that residence; the other part will be used by students. You can use the student IHD tool on your laptop or mobile device to verify room availability in real time. The application will show you a running list of all the rooms for which you are eligible, updated automatically as rooms are assigned. When it is your turn to choose, you will know which rooms are still available. 

Note: If you attempt to login before or after the In-House Draw window, you will receive a notification that the draw is not active. 

If you are unable to attend the IHD, you can designate a Stanford student proxy online so they can represent you at the IHD.  The online proxy designation form will be active only during the IHD season (May 29 to June 5 this year), and you will need your proxy’s student ID number and last name in order to designate them as a proxy. Your proxy will be able to use the IHD app to represent you during your IHD.

During the window of time your In-House Draw is active, login to the following URL using your SUNet ID and password. 

Once you are logged in, you will see an interface similar to the image shown here. 

It’s a good idea to login to the application early in the IHD window to verify that your name, assigned housing and room type are correct. (If you notice a problem, tell the person running the IHD and contact R&DE Housing Assignments at 650-725-2810 or 

The screen displays all the rooms available to you that have not yet been assigned. 

  • You can sort the information by Room Number, Floor or Room Gender by tapping or clicking on the column header. 
  • You can use the search field to see, for example, if a particular room is still available. 
  • A Refresh option is available once a minute. If the refresh button is not available, meaning one minute has not elapsed since the last refresh, you will see a countdown of seconds remaining until you can refresh. 
  • If a room you wanted has disappeared from the list, that means it has been assigned and is no longer available.