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Community Housing: Legal Information And Mediation


  • The California Landlord's Law Book: Rights and Responsibilities by Attorneys David Brown and Ralph Warner, Nolo Press.
  • The California Landlord's Law Book: Evictions by Attorney David Brown, Nolo Press.
  • California Tenant's Rights by Attorney Janet Portman and Attorney David Brown, Nolo Press
  • Landlording by Leigh Robinson.

Legal Information and Mediation

These agencies provide general information about landlord/tenant law, mediation, and referrals:

Small Claims Court

Links to Related Sites

  • California Civil Code. Text of the California Civil Code, sections 1940-1954.1. Habitability and repairs are covered under sections 1941 and 1942; lease terms and notices of termination are covered in sections 1944-1946; security deposits are covered in section 1950.5; abandonment is covered under section 1951.3; a landlord's right to enter the property is section 1954.
  • Fair Housing: It's Your Right. Information about the Fair Housing Act.
  • Nolo Press. Self help law books and software, including three excellent books on landlord-tenant law.