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Matriculated Student Eligibility

Stanford Student Housing offers housing to undergraduate and graduate students who are enrolled in a degree program (matriculated students), PhD candidates completing their dissertations with terminal graduate registration (TGR), and students who are enrolled at Stanford but are not pursuing degrees (non-matriculated students). Students must be considered enrolled by the Registrar's Office to be eligible for housing. If not enrolled full time, undergraduate students must have an approved 13th Quarter petition or a Permit to Attend for Services Only. Graduate students must be enrolled for at least eight units. Priority is given to students who are matriculated in at least eight units and currently matriculated students enrolled in fewer than eight units or non-matriculated students are only considered for Spring and Summer Quarters. Graduate students who are approved to take a Registrar's graduation quarter are eligible for housing. Students auditing classes or enrolled in the Master of Liberal Arts part-time graduate program are not eligible for housing. If your status changes to non-matriculated after you are assigned to University housing, you must notify Housing Assignments immediately. Stanford provides five different types of housing: select the link below to view eligibility requirements for each type.

Enrollment Requirements

Except during Summer Quarter, you must be enrolled during the time you live on campus. You do not need to be enrolled in courses when you apply, but you must be eligible to enroll and must not have any enrollment or housing holds. International students with an administrative hold from the Bechtel International Center will be permitted to check in.
In situations where both spouses/partners are Stanford students, only one student must be enrolled to maintain eligibility for housing. However, in two bedroom and one bedroom plus den apartments, both students must be enrolled for the contract period or be approved to be in housing while on leave. Students can gain approval from Housing Assignments by logging onto the Housing and Dining section in Axess to file the appropriate petition under the Forms and Petitions tab.



You may live in housing without enrolling for Summer Quarter if you enrolled the previous Spring Quarter or you are a graduate student who has been assigned for Autumn Quarter. You do not need to file a petition.


Graduate students who successfully petition may live in housing without enrolling for one vacation quarter during autumn, winter, or spring. However, the Graduate student:

  • Must be on official one-term leave from the University

  • Must have been enrolled during the previous three consecutive quarters (including summer)

  • Must enroll for the quarter following the leave

Undergraduate students are not eligible for vacation quarters.


Students who successfully petition may be permitted to live in housing without enrolling for one or two quarters if they are on maternity leave and enroll for the quarter following their leave.

Post-Graduation Quarter

Students who successfully petition may be permitted to live in housing for one quarter without enrolling after they receive their degree. Post-graduation quarter requests are only approved after all other students are accommodated. Because of the high demand for housing, we can’t offer Post-graduation quarter housing during Autumn Quarter and it is usually unavailable during Winter Quarter. Please note: Undergraduate students who apply for a Registrar’s graduation quarter are not eligible to continue to live in University Housing. Graduate students who are enrolled in a graduation quarter through the Registrar's office are eligible for University Housing. See the Registrar's web page for special graduate and undergraduate enrollment statuses for more details. 

Holds and Loss of Eligibility

If you have active enrollment or housing holds or you are not eligible to enroll by the date your assignment begins, you will be unable to move into your residence. If you cease to be enrolled while in residence, you must file a termination form on Axess and move out of University housing. Select the Terminate Your Contract option in the Housing and Dining section of Axess.