Escondido Village

Move Out Information

Vacating Your Room or Apartment

After you move out, Student Housing staff will make a final inspection of the space.

You will be charged for costs associated with additional cleaning, rearranging furniture, de-lofting beds, replacing missing keys or furniture, removing abandoned belongings, and repairing damaged property you didn’t list on your Room Condition Form when you moved in.

If Student Housing custodians need to clean and repair property in common areas, you and your roommate/s will share the costs equally if we can’t identify the responsible party.

Move-Out Deadlines

Stanford houses students, conference attendees, and other visitors throughout the year. It is essential that you vacate your room or apartment by your move-out deadline so Student Housing staff has time to prepare it for new residents or visitors. Check the graduate or undergraduate calendar for posted move-out dates; your Housing Service Center Supervisor also will have them.

Storage Services

If you need to store some of your belongings, a variety of Storage Services are available. Be sure to make arrangements in advance.

Preliminary Inspections

You or your Housing Building Manager may arrange to have your room or apartment pre-inspected.  Contact the Housing Service Center if you want to request an inspection to address concerns before you move.
Because of the sheer number of inspections Housing conducts, staff cannot schedule individual inspection appointments. However, if you are unavailable for your preliminary inspection, the staff will leave a notice for you.

Moving To A New Residence, Room, Or Apartment

If you will be moving to a new residence or a different room or apartment within your same residence, pick up the keys at the Housing Service Center for your new residence and return your old keys to the Housing Service Center for your old residence.

When You Can Move To Your New Residence

Academic Term

Undergraduate/Graduate Housing

During autumn, winter, or spring terms

Contact your Housing Service Center

Between spring and summer terms

See “Housing for academic breaks & summer”

Between summer and autumn terms

See “Housing for academic breaks & summer”

Moving Out Safely

Move-out periods provide plenty of opportunities for thieves. When you are packing, storing, and loading your belongings:

  • Keep your room/apartment doors locked.
  • Do not prop open the doors to your building.
  • Keep an eye on your possessions.
  • Do not leave valuables in your car overnight.

Move Out Checklist

  • Return all University-provided furniture to its original location.
  • Return all rented or borrowed equipment to the correct office.
  • De-loft your bed, leaving bed frame at captain's height.
  • Remove all personal possessions from your room or apartment.
  • Remove any personal belongings from the laundry room.
  • Double check bathroom cubbies or shelves and remove any personal belongings.
  • Return University-owned dishes, glasses, and flatware to the dining commons.
  • Clean your room or apartment. See the Student Housing Cleaning Guide for instructions. You and your roommates are jointly responsible for cleaning common areas.
  • Keep common areas clear during your move out. Fire and safety codes prohibit blocking corridors, stairwells, and other common areas. If staff finds your belongings in these areas, they will be removed and you will be subject to a fee for this removal.
  • Remove all decorations from windows, walls, mirrors, and doors.
  • Help the community and the environment as you move out:
  • Recycle cans, bottles, paper, and cardboard in your residence recycling bins. Take non-functional electronic equipment, athletic shoes, and other items to the Stanford Recycling Drop-off Center at 701 Serra St.
  • Donate unwanted items such as bedding, clothing, appliances, bikes, and school supplies to local charitable organizations: Give & Go Donation Program
  • Dispose of trash and recycling in appropriate collection areas.  If you live in an apartment building with a trash chute, carry large items which may block the chute directly to the dumpster.
  • Disconnect your long distance phone, cable TV and network connections.
  • Cancel subscriptions to optional phone and cable services: Log into Axess, go to the Links and Contacts tab, and click on the My IT Services button.
  • If you subscribe to digital cable, return your digital cable box to your Housing Service Center; otherwise you will be charged a fee for the unreturned box.
  • Cancel your network connection with Residential Computing.
  • If you are changing rooms or apartments, disconnect your old services and activate new ones in your new residence. Undergraduate students: IT Services and Residential Computing automatically disconnects these services at the end of Spring Quarter, or on the Monday after graduation. You must disconnect services if you move at other times during the year.
  • Forward your mail/change your address. Arrange with the Stanford post office to have your mail forwarded to a new address, or fill out an official change of address form at the United States Postal Service website. There is a $1 fee for filing online.
  • Update your address and phone number in Axess.
  • Return your keys to your Housing Service Center by your move-out deadline. All students: you can return your keys in an envelope outside your Housing Service Center. Place your keys in the envelope and write your name, residence, and room or apartment number on the outside. Return the envelope through the mail slot or in the key box if the office is closed. Graduate students: don’t forget to return your spare key, laundry room key, and any extra keys provided for a spouse, partner, or child.