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R&DE Student Housing - The Best in the West

R&DE Student Housing has been named a top 5 Best of the West program by the Western Association of College University Housing Officers (WACUHO). At the association’s Annual Conference and Exposition (WACE) in April, 2015, R&DE Student Housing was chosen tops among over 80 participants for its presentation entitled, “People, Planet, Profit: Building Sustainability Programs that Integrate Student Ingenuity into Housing Operations.” Presenters included Rodger Whitney, Executive Director/CHO, R&DE Student Housing. This is the 6th time since 2003 Stanford has been acknowledged by WACUHO as having a top 5 most interesting and useful housing program.

The following are R&DE Student Housing’s previous Best of the West program awards from WACE:

  • 2014 – The Ultimate in Proactive Customer Service: Preventing Maintenance Failures Before They Occur
  • 2008 – Bedbugs: How Stanford is dealing with these pesky creatures in an open and forthright manner
  • 2007 – Managing Diverse Housing and Residence Life Projects
  • 2005 – Get Your Time in Motion
  • 2003 – Blending Technology and Students: “Taking Room Condition Forms On-line” (Joint meeting of our region and the Northwest region (WACUHO and NWACUHO))