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Reassignments Due to a Change in Family Status

If, after you have submitted your application, your family status changes (e.g., from single student to couples without children), you may apply for housing appropriate to your new status. You may apply for only one type of housing (single, couple without children or student with children) for a given quarter.

Your spouse or children may not join you in single graduate housing, including the studio apartments, and you may not continue to live in couples or family housing if your spouse/partner or children are no longer living there.

If your status changes before you are assigned

Withdraw your original application and reapply by the deadline for housing that is appropriate to your new status.

If your status changes after you are assigned, but before your contract begins

Cancel your original assignment (you will be assessed applicable assignment refusal fees) and join the next round by the appropriate deadline for housing suitable to your new status.

If you or your spouse/partner becomes pregnant after you are assigned to housing for single students or couples without children

Before cancelling your Lottery assignment, you may apply for housing for students with children for autumn quarter if the academic term coincides with your second or third trimester of pregnancy. Submit a Service Now Request to request a student with children application for autumn. If your second or third trimester corresponds with winter or spring quarter, you may apply for that future term on Axess. If you are assigned to housing for students with children, your original Lottery assignment will be cancelled and corresponding administrative fees assessed. 

If the number of dependent children living with you changes after you are assigned to housing for students with children

Submit a new application for the academic term that coincides with your need for a different sized apartment. Submit a Service Now Request ​ to request a student with children application.

If your status changes during the academic year

File an application on Axess by the appropriate deadline. If your status changes suddenly and you need to request reassignment within the same quarter, please contact Housing Assignments for an application. If your plans allow you more time to be reassigned, you may submit an application for a different category of housing for a future quarter. If we are able to reassign you within a reasonable period of time, you must accept the reassignment. When you are reassigned, your original room or apartment is simultaneously assigned to another student. If you are reassigned mid-year, you must be able to move into your new housing when the apartment becomes available.

All reassignments are made on the basis of availability, application number and pregnancy due date. Please keep in mind that reassignment is not guaranteed.

If you are not reassigned within a reasonable amount of time, you may petition to be released from contract on Axess.