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Residence Staff Master Key Use Agreement

It is Student Housing's mission to support the educational activity of Stanford students by providing them with clean, safe, secure, and well-maintained residences. The use of the master key is critical to the success in developing security and safety in your house. The Master Key is issued at the beginning of the year to the approved residence staff (e.g., RA, CA, CM). Residence staff must return the master key on or before the Monday after graduation, or on the day that they check-out of the residence. If role of residence staff changes or employment is terminated, the master key must return immediately to the Housing Service Center.

Use of the Master Key:

The Master Key may only be used to gain entry for the rightful occupant of a room. In other words, the occupant of the room must either be present, or must have given specific written permission for entry into his/her room. No Exceptions. The master key must be returned to the key block immediately after each authorized use.

Note: As part of their building maintenance responsibilities, Student Housing staff (or their designee) have the right to enter and inspect student rooms. These inspections are outlined in the Stanford Residence Agreement. Unannounced Master Key Block inspections will be conducted by Student Housing staff throughout the year.

Master Key Policy

The Master Key should always be kept in the Master Key Block. The Master Key and Sequence Key should never be kept in the Master Key Block at the same time. The master key block should only have one key in it.

  1. In locations where the master key block is within a residence room, house staff are expected to reside in their assigned room with the master key that is assigned to them.
  2. Always keep your room locked. This is the first line of security for the Master Key Block.
  3. The Sequence Key to the Lock Box must be kept in a secure location that is not accessible to other residents. Never keep the sequence key in the key block unless the master key is in use.
  4. The Master Key should never be removed from the bar stock.
  5. Do not tamper with the ring attaching the Master Key to the bar stock.
  6. No University key is permitted to be duplicated.
  7. The Master Key should not be given out to a resident for any reason (including the occupant of the room that needs to be unlocked).
  8. The Master Key should never be used to search any room for any reason (including searching for University or house property).
  9. If entry is requested by someone other than an occupant of the room, it should not be granted unless prior approval has been formally given (in writing) by the occupant(s) of that room.
  10. At the end of the year, the master key, not the sequence key, must be returned to the Housing Service Center. If the master key has to be retrieved from the master key block (or another location), you will be charged an administrative fee of $84.00 per hour plus parts.

Misuse of the Master Key

If the Master Key is misused in any way, the residence staff will be held responsible for all outcomes of that misuse. The following is the process that will be used to determine any outcomes due to this misuse:

  1. All incidents will be reviewed by Student Housing and Residential Education.
  2. Residential Education will administer any necessary disciplinary action.
  3. Any misuse of the Master Key(s) can result in termination of your position.

Loss of the Master Key

  1. If the Master Key or Sequence Key is lost at any time during the year, it must be reported immediately to the local Housing Service Center. A lost master key represents a serious breach in security for the house and its residents, and could range in cost from $3,000 to $35,000 (for re-key replacement and other associated costs). The residence staff responsible for the loss of the Master Key may be subject to disciplinary action which could include, but is not limited to: termination from their position and/or partial financial responsibility of up to $1,000.
  2. If the sequence key is lost at any time during the year, it must be reported immediately to the local Housing Service Center Coordinator. The cost for rekeying the key block sequence core is $113.00 and may be charged to the staff member responsible for its loss.

Acceptance of Responsibility

I have read and understand the above statements regarding Master Keys. In signing this form, I agree to these policies. I accept full responsibility for these keys and agree to exercise care in the security of the house and its contents at all times.