Sublicensing and GEligibility

General Sublicensee Eligibility Requirements

Spring 2022 

In order to comply with county orders related to COVID-19, and to support the health of our residents and greater community, sublicensing requests will be limited to Stanford matriculated graduate students only.

Summer 2022 

To be eligible to sublicense a space in graduate housing, a prospective sublicensee must be a current or incoming direct Stanford affiliate. Only those who can show proof of Stanford affiliation are eligible to apply (proof of affiliation can be an offer of admission, a written job offer, a medical clerkship matching letter, a verification form signed by the affiliate's Stanford supervisor, proof of a minor child's Stanford affiliation, etc.)

People not eligible to sublicense a space in graduate housing include minors, high school students, undergraduates not otherwise eligible for graduate housing, coterminal students who have not completed their senior year, and students’ family members, Stanford affiliates who are not in good standing with the University, and anyone not affiliated with Stanford.

Temporary Stanford affiliates who will not be enrolled as students (summer visiting researchers, for example) must not be a minor, high school student, or undergraduate at their home institution.

The following are examples of activities in which Stanford visitors might engage:

  • Teaching
  • Attending an un-housed conference at Stanford
  • Doing research
  • Providing administration services
  • Traveling to be near a minor child who will be attending a housed summer camp on the Stanford campus

An eligible Stanford affiliate may sublicense a space in graduate housing from an individual license holder for a period of time not to exceed three months, or up to two weeks longer than the length of the Stanford affiliation, whichever is shorter. If an eligible Stanford affiliate will be at Stanford for longer than three months, he or she may enter into more than one sublicense agreement in order to cover the period of affiliation.

Gender and occupancy limits do apply, and must match the intended configuration of the room or apartment.

Sublicensees must read the Residence Agreement and must comply with all rules and regulations.

Minors, undergraduates, and those not in good standing with the University are not eligible to sublicense.

Except under certain circumstances by petition, a Stanford student with a University housing assignment cannot sublicense another student’s housing space.

Autumn or Winter Quarters

In addition to the criteria above, to be eligible to sublicense a space in graduate student housing during the autumn or winter quarters, a prospective sublicensee must be an enrolled Stanford matriculated graduate student in good standing with the University and with no current housing assignment. Single undergraduate students without children are not eligible to sublicense a space from students in graduate housing.

Once housing demand has been met from matriculated graduate students during autumn or winter quarters, eligibility is expanded to match the policy for spring and summer quarters.