Stanford campus

Sublicensing Within a Gender-Neutral Apartment

Stanford has a gender-neutral/gender-inclusive housing program which allows friends of different genders to be assigned to the same apartment.  The students must apply together as a group and all members must specifically request to be in a gender-neutral apartment.

If one student cancels or leaves during the year, the remaining student(s) can request another roommate from students who have been assigned to the same housing location, or the entire space will revert to single gender (based on the majority of students remaining in the apartment).  This may involve reassignments of some students.

Mixed-gender or gender-neutral sublicense arrangements are approved on a case-by-case basis, and only if the following minimum requirements are met:

  • The license holders in the apartment are designated as a gender-neutral group by Student Housing
  • No license holders in the apartment will be moving out during the sublicense period
  • All license holders in the apartment agree in writing to the potential sublicense arrangement
  • The potential sublicensee understands that it is in a mixed-gender apartment and acknowledges this in writing.
  • Sublicensing Within Gender-Neutral Housing Addendum form is submitted with the other required sublicensing documents.

In the event that a sublicense agreement is approved, it will be with the condition that if one of the license holders moves out of the apartment during the sublicense period, it will be necessary to terminate the sublicense agreement, at the discretion of the Sublicense Administrator's office.