Summer Rates for Families and Couples

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Rates for Living in Summer Housing – Couples and Families

Stanford student housing charges usually fall below local area rents and include furnishings at no additional charge. Unlike most off-campus housing, Stanford also includes basic utilities — water, heat, electricity, garbage, and sewer — in the housing rate.

Required Housing Charges and Fees

Students will be charged the following mandatory rates through Student Financial Services while living in University housing. Rates vary depending on the residence, student category, and type of housing. These rates are subject to minor rounding adjustments depending on contact start and end dates.

  • Housing Charges: Couple and family rates reflect the charge per apartment. This fee covers the cost of providing an apartment in a University-assigned residence, all furniture, all utilities (except cable), and coinless/cardless laundry (except in University-assigned, off-campus apartments), and is calculated according to the various contract lengths.
  • Technology Fee: This fee is billed quarterly and includes land-line telephone (on campus only) and access to internet (wired and wireless residential network).
  • House Dues: Each term, residences assess house dues for educational programs, social activities, and other services that aren't included in the housing charges. These dues vary between residences.

Optional Charges

  • Cable Service
  • Parking Permits
  • Cancellation fees and/or Termination of Contract fees - will be assessed if you miss deadlines as indicated in the Residence Agreement
  • Contract Breaker fees - will be assessed if you leave housing before the end of your contract
  • Board Plan - Students assigned to Couples without Children or Students with Children housing can sign up for optional dining plans.

Summer Rates

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