Summer Reassignments Within Undergraduate Housing

After students are assigned to a particular residence and room type, they may choose to seek a more preferred choice by applying for reassignment.

  • Reassignments are made each quarter through the Continuous Assignments process if all students without housing have been offered a space and vacancies remain.
  • If we are unable to accommodate all students looking for housing or if there are no vacancies left after all students are accommodated, we will not be able to offer reassignments.
  • Reassignments are only made into vacant spaces. Direct swaps between students are not permitted.
  • Reassignment request forms are available HERE and must be submitted to the Housing Assignments office. 
  • Students do not lose their current space unless reassigned.
  • A $200 reassignment fee will be assessed only if you are reassigned.
  • Students cannot cancel a reassignment.
  • Reassignment forms received by June 9 are reviewed in Summer Lottery number order. Forms received after June 9 are considered in the order in which they are received.