Summer Staff Assignments

The staff selection process takes place annually in late winter/early spring. See Summer Session's website for information on how to contact them to inquire about the availability of staff positions for undergraduate housing, or the Summer College website for information on how to contact them about the availability of staff positions for the high school program housing.

Student Staff Assignments

Student Staff within Student Housing

  • Student staff working in Summer Student Housing need to submit a summer housing application by the first-round deadline, but will be exempted into an assignment.
  • On the Summer Housing application, select the residence in which you will be working (students who do not yet know where they will be working should list any one choice). Your assignment will be made according to information provided to Housing Assignments by your hiring department.
  • Housing charges will be added to your student bill.
  • Undergraduate student staff living in residence halls are required to purchase a meal plan unless working and living in a residence that does not require a meal plan.
  • If you will be working and living in a residence that is only available for the 8- or 10-week session and you request housing for a longer period of time (10-weeks or 10-weeks plus summer-autumn interim for undergraduates), you will have to move to a different residence after your residential duties end.

Undergraduate student staff working and living in Mirrielees will be allowed to select a roommate of the same gender. Undergraduate staff working and living in the Suites will be allowed to select two or three roommates of the same gender.  These roommates will also need to submit summer housing applications listing Mirrielees or the Suites, and the staff member and roommates should apply as a group. The staff member will also need to provide the name(s) and student ID number(s) of the roommate(s) to their hiring department so that they can include the roommate(s) on the list of students to receive exempt assignments to Mirrielees or the Suites.

Student Staff within Conference Housing

  • Student staff working for Stanford Conferences during the summer will live in conference housing.
  • Student staff living in conference housing for the summer may request housing for the summer-autumn interim period if assigned to housing for Autumn Quarter by submitting a Summer Change Request in Axess by the deadline to request contract and interim housing changes (in mid-July).
  • The summer-autumn move date will be the same as for students moving from summer student housing to their autumn residences.

Non-student Staff Assignments

  • House Directors will apply through a different system, as they are not Stanford students and cannot apply through the student portal.
  • House Directors will apply through the Stanford Conferences web site for non-student summer visitors, applying for any location, and adding a comment to state that they are House Directors working for Summer Session.
  • Housing charges will not be due at check-in, as payment will be arranged by Summer Session.