Summer Undergraduates Housing Rates - Current Residents

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2020 Summer Undergraduate Housing Rates

2019-20 Spring Residents

Students who have a spring quarter contract will not have a gap between their spring and summer contracts. Summer contracts will begin June 12, 2020, though students will not move into their summer location until a later date. Charges below are approximations for students living in housing for spring quarter as the exact amount due will depend on where the student is living for spring quarter, where the student is living for summer quarter, and when the student moves. On the student bill, housing charges may be broken up into smaller charges to reflect the following: spring quarter charges, time in spring quarter assignment after the spring quarter end date, time in summer quarter assignment before the official summer quarter start date, summer quarter charges. 


Number of Days

Residence Halls and Suites Mirrielees Apartments

8 weeks
June 12 - August 16, 2020




10 weeks
June 12 - September 1, 2020




Technology fee

per quarter



House Dues

per quarter



Summer - Autumn Interim Rates for Undergraduate Housing, September 1 - 18

Summer-Autumn Interim Housing charges range from $800-$900 depending on the rate of your summer residence, the rate of your autumn residence, and your move date between residences. Interim housing is only available for students who have an autumn contract. All interim charges will appear on your autumn University bill.

2020 Summer Dining Plans 

For information on dining plans, visit R&DE Stanford Dining's website.