gender inclusive

Gender Inclusive Undergraduate Housing

Who can take advantage of this program?

This program is intended for students who wish to share a room or apartment with friends of a different gender of record. It is not intended for romantic couples, who are encouraged to apply for Couples Housing.

Gender-inclusive housing allows friends of different genders of record to be assigned to the same room or apartment in one of the gender-inclusive designated residences at Stanford.

If group members are assigned into the same house and room type and that house and room type offers gender-inclusive housing, the students are guaranteed the ability to live together as long as both students request a gender-inclusive assignment through Axess by the Monday after assignments are announced.  

Please note that students are never forced into gender-inclusive assignments. 

No Random Roommates

Students will not be matched with a random roommate of another gender through this process.  This is why it is very important to file a Gender-Inclusive Room Assignment request in Axess after receiving your housing assignment.

What happens if one of the roommates cancels their assignment or leaves mid-quarter? 

If one student cancels or leaves during the quarter, the remaining student can request another roommate from students who have been assigned to the same housing location, or the space may be left vacant. 

Gender-Inclusive Bathroom Locations

Gender-inclusive bathrooms can be found in many residence halls. See the Gender-inclusive bathroom page for more information. 

Confidential Process for Transgender or Non-Binary Students

Transgender and non-binary students who need special accommodation due to gender identity/expression can apply through the regular housing assignment process and take advantage of Gender-Inclusive Housing with a friend or contact Housing Assignments for individualized assignment assistance:

  1. The request will be handled through a confidential process and staff will not ask for more information than is required to meet the student's housing needs.
  2. Placement priority will be given to students who notify Housing Assignments well in advance of the assignment round for which they are applying and who require accommodations based on their gender identity/expression.
  3. Later requests will be handled as appropriate spaces become available.
  4. Students placed through this process can arrange to go through the in-house draw according to the gender with which they identify (our system is currently binary, so we acknowledge that this does not help every student.)

Housing Assignments recognizes that students are not all alike and have different needs and desires. We will address concerns on a case-by-case basis.

Roommate Conflicts

If a student has a conflict with a roommate due to their gender identity/expression, the student should see a member of the Residential Education student support team. Other resources available on the Queer Student Resources page.

Students interested in this option must:

  1. Apply for the Autumn Housing Allocation as a group, selecting the gender-inclusive housing locations they are interested in as their top choices. Applications are due July 9 at 5 p.m. PST.
  2. If members of the group are assigned to a double, a two-room double or 2-bedroom unit in a residence that is part of the gender-inclusive room program, they must both formally request a gender-inclusive room assignment by filing a Gender-Inclusive Room Assignment Request Form right after the Autumn Housing Allocation results are announced.
    1. Log on to Axess.
    2. Select Student Housing and Dining from the Student drop-down menu
    3. Click Forms and Petitions
    4. Select the request type Gender-Inclusive Room Assignment Request
    5. The due date for this form will be noted on the letter you receive after you have been assigned to housing.

Which Undergraduate Residences offer Gender-Inclusive Housing?

Neighborhood S:
Arroyo 1-room doubles
BOB Standard 1-room doubles
ZAP Premier 2-room doubles
EVGR-A Studio doubles
EVGR-A 2-bedroom doubles

Neighborhood T:
Trancos 1-room doubles
610 Mayfield Standard 1-room doubles
Narnia Premier 2-room doubles
Mirrielees 2-bedroom doubles

Neighborhood A:
Twain 1-room doubles
Mars Standard 1-room doubles
Mirrielees 2-bedroom doubles
EVGR-A 2-bedroom doubles

Neighborhood N:
Toyon 2-room doubles
650 Mayfield Standard 1-room doubles
Pluto Standard 1-room doubles
EVGR-A 2-bedroom doubles

Neighborhood F:
Lantana 2-room doubles
Kimball 1-room doubles
Kimball 2-room doubles
Grove Standard 1-room doubles
EVGR-A 2-bedroom doubles

Neighborhood O:
Faisan 1-room doubles
680 Lomita Premier 2-room doubles
Storey Standard 1-room doubles
EVGR-A 2-bedroom doubles

Neighborhood R:
Meier 1-room doubles
Meier 2-room doubles
Norcliffe 1-room doubles
Norcliffe 2-room doubles
Roble 3-room doubles
Xanadu Premier 2-room doubles
EVGR-A Studio doubles

Neighborhood D:
Murray 1-room doubles
Murray 2-room doubles
550 Lasuen Standard 1-room doubles