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Autumn 2020-21 Undergraduate Residences Rate Chart

Rates below are approximate and subject to change. See Rate and Billing Information for billing details.

The Autumn 2020 rates below are a flat rate per student based on the autumn contract dates of September 12, 2020 to November 22, 2020.  As such, proration of housing charges when a student is not assigned for the entire quarter will vary. Students should not make travel plans based on the September 12 contract start date, as move-ins will be staggered over several days. Travel plans should not be made until a check-in date has been confirmed.


Autumn 2020-21 Housing Rates for Undergraduate Housing

Residences Housing Charge House Dues - Upperclass House Dues - Frosh Technology Fee Meal Plans (Required)
Escondido Village Graduate residences $3,575 $110 $140 $78 $1,973
Mirrielees $3,998 $110 $140 $78 N/A

Stanford Dining Rates

Meal plan structure and rates are subject to change without notice. Please refer to the Stanford Dining web site for rates, including any updates and/or changes.